2 arrested in L.A. Halloween shooting death

SOUTH LOS ANGELES Marcus Denson, 18, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of murder and Leonard Hall Jr., 21, was arrested early Friday morning.

Authorities said both are known gang members, and believed to be the gunmen responsible for killing /*Aaron Shannon Jr.*/ For 25-year-old Aaron Shannon the arrest of two suspects in the fatal shooting of his 5-year-old son Aaron Shannon, Jr. is bittersweet.

"It puts my mind at ease slightly just knowing that justice has been brought. These guys have been arrested and they're off the streets at the moment - hopefully for a long time," he said fighting back tears.

William Shannon, the boy's grandfather, said nothing can undo the damage to his family but he hopes the arrests will benefit the community.

"For those out there who have young children, loved ones, that's two less people that they have to worry about."

The 5-year-old was in his backyard in the 1000 block of East 84th Street around 2 p.m. Halloween day showing his Spider Man costume to his uncle and grandfather. Rival gangs started shooting at each other in the alley behind the yard. A bullet hit Aaron and he later died of the wounds.

The boy's uncle and grandfather were wounded. A bullet grazed William Shannon on his left arm, a minor wound compared to the emotional scars suffered after losing his grandson.

"He just put his costume on and he was very excited about that and I just commented just ten minutes before the shooting, 'This is a beautiful day,' and within minutes they took my grandson away."

A one $100,000 reward was offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction of suspects.

Officials said the reward triggered witness tips and a videotape of two men running from the scene, which helped pinpoint the suspects.

Police said the gunmen may have wrongly believed gang rivals lived in the home.

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