Former 'SNL' castmates team up for 'Megamind'

LOS ANGELES This animated adventure is not your typical superhero film. Ferrell's character is a super villain who needs to become a super hero after creating a nemesis who's out to destroy the world.

"The fact that you can do something that's has enough sophistication for adults and yet has all the bells and whistles for a younger audience and you can reach a greater audience, that's where the joy comes from," said the comedian.

Ferrell and Fey, who's the voice behind an attractive television reporter, enjoy the family-friendly aspect of the film and the fact they got to ad lib along the way.

"Well we certainly tried to bring our own little spin. And we got to record together and improvise together, which was really good," said Fey.

Also along for this animated ride is Brad Pitt as the town's most celebrated superstar.

"Megamind" is rated PG. For my money, it's a fun film for the whole family.

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