DMV offices in Glendale, West Covina close

WEST COVINA, Calif. One of the offices is in Glendale, and the other is in West Covina. Each serves about 1,200 customers daily.

Many residents who have relied on the West Covina office were annoyed to hear that it was closing down.

"I don't like it because where are we going to go? As it is now, the line is all around the building. Any place you go is going to be worse," said Ruben Qusenberry of La Puente.

State officials cite staffing issues and the statewide hiring freeze as the reasons for the closures. Two other DMVs in the state were also shut down on Monday.

The DMV is trying out a self-serve terminal in Sacramento where users can register their vehicle, and it will dispense a sticker. Those terminals should be coming to Southern California in the next few months.

All of the employees at the two branches were transferred to other offices.

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