New sale keeps L.B. Boeing plant in business

LONG BEACH, Calif. /*Obama*/'s trip to India finalized the deal, allowing the /*Boeing*/ plant in Long Beach to avoid shutting down.

"With the existing orders, the plant in Long Beach would have had to shut down probably about 2012. These orders will keep it going into 2014," said Jack Kyser, an economist.

For former employee Manny Ramos, a possible call back to the job would be welcomed.

"The industry is cyclical and the layoffs are inevitable," Ramos said. "I've been out for about four years now and if they start calling people back who knows what will happen."

In a time when jobs are being outsourced to India, 22,000 have been secured.

"It means for me in particular that I can plan more on retiring here," said Boeing employee Gregory Atkins.

Boeing employees say they've been on edge not knowing when the next wave of layoffs will come.

"It's been pretty tough," said another Boeing employee, Glenn Wright. "There is a lot of stress on a lot of people not knowing how far this one is going to go."

But 10 new planes and a possibility for other contracts means some can rest easy for now.

"This is going to help the economy," Kyser said. "We are still struggling."

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