IE reserve troops ship off to serve in Iraq

VICTORVILLE, Calif. Under a clear desert sky family and friends gathered to bid farewell to the 957th Movement Control Team as they prepare to deploy to Iraq.

"Our soldiers are ready and they're eager to do their job and I know the people that we'll be supporting will also be eager," said Commander Scott Leach

Leach is leaving his post as a San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputy to lead his unit as part of Operation New Dawn.

Once there, the 25-member unit will focus on routing and transporting troops, supplies and equipment.

The call to active duty will be a first for Private First Class Ryan Bradshaw of Mojave.

"I am looking forward to it," said Bradshaw. "Of course I'm a little bit nervous. I've definitely been looking forward to this. This is what I trained to do, so I think it will be good."

But while he is looking forward to work he will be doing, his new fiancee is not looking forward to the long separation ahead.

"I've been there from day one when he signed up until now, and I'll be there when he gets back," said Jill Moore, Bradshaw's fiancee.

This will be Sgt Kristopher Stallard second deployment to the region. He says he will use his prior experience to help his unit get familiar with their new surroundings.

"Our job is roughly the same pretty much every time," said Stallard. "So just trying to be that backbone to them, give them the information regarding what to expect, what to prepare for."

It will be a year before the unit will return home. And before they go, a final call is given.

From here the soldiers will head to Camp Atterbury in Columbus, Indiana, for final training before heading to Iraq.

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