Mel Gibson in court again for custody hearing

LOS ANGELES It's the first time he has personally appeared in court on the case.

Judge Scott Gordon was set to hear 13 different issues on the table. They include attorney fees, child support, Gibson's visitations and a proposed gag order.

Gibson's lawyers say inflammatory leaks to the media make him look bad.

Grigorieva says /*Gibson*/ is unfit to take care of their 1-year-old daughter on overnight visits and also claims he attacked her while she was holding the baby.

Currently, the couple shares custody of their daughter, Lucia.

Gibson sees the baby every other day with a nanny to help care for her.

Grigorieva claims the 54-year-old actor physically and verbally abused her while they were dating.

However, Gibson says she tried to extort millions of dollars from him by threatening to release phone recordings of conversations she made after their relationship ended in April.

The recordings raised allegations of domestic abuse.

Grigorieva claimed Gibson broke her teeth. That prompted the sheriff's department to open a criminal investigation.

A sheriff's spokesman says their probe into that matter is complete, but the district attorney is waiting on potential charges until investigators can gather evidence on a related matter: whether the release of the explosive recordings were part of an extortion plot by Grigorieva, which she denies.

Investigators seized her computer hard drives and other materials. Forensic analysts still must download data.

It will take weeks more before the data is reviewed and a decision is made to submit it to the district attorney for possible prosecution.

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