Burn off calories w/ fun 30-minute workouts

LOS ANGELES Inline skating
When was the last time you got on a roll? It is so fun, you don't really think you're doing a workout, yet your body will be working thighs, bunsyou're your core to the tune of nearly 400 calories in a half-hour roll. No surprise knee and wrist pads and a helmet is a good rule of thumb

Trail running
The weather is gorgeous, so hit the trail running. In 30 minutes, you can heat up and torch off 200 calories, while working legs, hips, and glutes. Take your iPod along to change up your pace so your body gets challenged even more.

Jump rope
Ten minutes of jumping rope will cost you 100 calories, so if you jump for 30 minutes, that's 300 calories. Most of us can't sustain a full 30, so go for 10-minute intervals, and do some strength work in between.

Hula hooping
Another fun one is hula hooping, which will get rid of 300 calories in 30 minutes while getting rid of love handles - plus you'll feel like a kid again.

Cardio tennis
Cardio tennis is what spinning is to a leisurely bike ride. Tennis will cost you nearly 200 calories a half hour, cardio tennis twice that, but the trick to cardio tennis is to keep moving the whole time.

You do have to pay for class, but it's so fun, it might be worth the extra money to be motivated by those who can play and sprint at the same time.

All you have to do is watch the stars slim down on "Dancing With the Stars" to know that learning how to dance fires off fat. Forget the fox trot - try Latin, Bollywood, Zumba or whatever you like. Put on your favorite music and boogie down to the tune of 220 calories per 30 minutes.

Interval workouts
Take your program outside and park it. Try doing some interval workouts. Jog around the park, stop at a picnic table and do some pushups for a minute, jog around again, come back and dip, go one more time around the park, and then finish with bike abs and a nice stretch to burn over 200 calories. You will also strengthen some of your not-so-favorite body parts.

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