Cool Kid helps others express themselves

CARSON, Calif. "I love to dance, first off. Second, I love kids. I love to work with kids. The kids motivate me to come," said Lester.

The program uses dance as a way to help kids build self esteem.

"Everybody here, they love me and I'm welcome here. So, why not be the real me and stop hiding and being shy," said Lester.

She knows that even at a young age, these kids can have tough times. But, she hopes dance can offer a way for them to work through difficult situations.

"Don't take them out on everybody else. Press through it. Use something, maybe even writing, use something to let go of the anger and the sadness and all of that," said Lester.

Whether it's teaching a dance step or lending an ear, Lester knows she has done something positive that day.

"I think, 'oh, I helped somebody.' And I like to help people, so I feel very good," she said.

Lester's our Cool Kid because she uses her talents to help others express themselves in a positive way.

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