FedEx apologizes for trashing OC shelter

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. Volunteers called Je'net Kreitner at Grandma's House of Hope in Garden Grove looking for a volunteer opportunity. About 50 volunteers from FedEx Ground in Anaheim said they would tear out the carpets in her shelter and install laminate flooring and paint the house. Instead they left debris piled high in the house, damaged plants, dripped paint on the floor and left light fixtures broken.

"It didn't come across to me they were here because they wanted to be or because they cared about the women that we serve," said Kreitner.

The shelter helps women, including those with disabilities and victims of domestic violence. Because of the mess caused by the volunteers the women who call the shelter home had to move elsewhere. As workers started repairs Kreitner has had to put the women up in other facilities and motels.

When FedEx corporate found out about Kreitner's situation they released a statement:

"FedEx tries to make the customer experience outstanding. However our efforts at Grandma's House of Hope fell way short of it and we apologize. We are trying to understand how we failed and to ensure it never happens again."

They said they plan to overnight a $30,000 check to cover the damage, leaving extra for whatever the non-profit may need.

"It was a mistake on the part of FedEx but they are working very hard to make this right," said a Kreitner.

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