Ventura man sets off ice bombs at ex's home

VENTURA, Calif. Ventura police received a report about a single gunshot heard in an apartment complex in the 700 block of S. Hill Road.

When officers arrived, they found that the noise was not from a gunshot. Rather, it was from two dry ice bombs exploding.

The bombs went off on the front porch of Ventura resident Anna Gibson, who was not hurt from the explosion. Gibson told officers that she suspected her former boyfriend as the culprit behind the bombs.

/*Ventura Police Department*/ officers followed the tip and contacted Gibson's ex-boyfriend, James Bittl at his home. Bittl admitted to authorities that he placed the dry ice devices on Gibson's porch to scare her because the two are having relationship issues.

Officers arrested Bittl and he was booked into Ventura County Jail for the felony charge of terrorism and use of a destructive device.

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