Toyota safety questioned after fatal UT crash

WENDOVER, Utah The Utah highway patrol suspects problems with a Camry's accelerator or floor mat caused a deadly crash.

Two people were killed and two others seriously injured when the 2008 Camry slammed into a rock wall on Nov. 5.

Paul Vanalfen, 66, was killed at the scene and passenger Charlene Lloyd, 38, died the day after the crash.

The crash occurred as Vanalfen, his wife, son and the son's fiancee traveled through an isolated area of western Utah.

Tire skid marks at the crash site showed Vanalfen tried to stop the /*Camry*/ as it exited Interstate 80, officials said. The car went through a stop sign at the bottom of the ramp and through an intersection before hitting the wall, according to the police report.

Investigators said the car's brakes appeared to be in working order.

Officials said the car was part of three recalls, including a mandatory recall for a sticking accelerator. That repair was done.

Toyota said it is "supporting the Utah Highway Patrol with their investigation."

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it has received about 3,000 reports of sudden acceleration from /*Toyota*/ drivers in the past decade, including 93 deaths. The government, however, has confirmed only four deaths from one crash.

The Associated Press Contributed to this report.

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