Woman finds snake curled around car engine

LANCASTER, Calif. The large Columbian red tail boa constrictor surprised the Lancaster family when they came out of the store around noon, walked up to their car and noticed half the body of the massive boa slithering underneath.

"We came outside from the grocery store and we seen a lady and her daughter looking at the snake and then he came around the basket and we seen it," said Kia Brown.

Animal Control was called to collect the snake, but when they popped the hood they found it wrapped around the engine. They poured cooking oil on the thick snake hoping to loosen its hold on the engine of the car.

After a 30 minute struggle, they were finally able to pry it loose.

Boa constrictors aren't native to the Antelope Valley and most snakes don't roam freely in the cool fall temperatures. Experts believe the animal is likely a pet that got loose and Animal Control will keep it in custody for the time being.

"We are going to house it for 15 days, see if the owner comes to get it. If not we will put it up for adoption," said Rachel Mendez with Animal Control.

Kia Brown said she had never seen a snake that big up close - especially seeking shelter in her car.

"I deal with snakes. That was a big snake and I have never seen a snake go inside a car," she said.

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