Cool Kid works to stop school bullying

GRANADA HILLS, Calif. "We want to promote this kindness and compassionate thing. Try to say, 'you can go against the crowd. You don't really need to be us one of the rest. You can just go out and be nice," said Saleh.

At those times she sees people being bullied, Saleh finds an opportunity to help.

"When I see it happening to not only me, to my friends, I feel like people need the motivation. My real goal is to motivate others to do the best that they can do," said Saleh.

In addition to her work with people her age, she volunteers at a senior center.

"Other than promoting this whole kindness and compassion thing, we really like to give back to the community," said Saleh.

She likes to keep things peaceful and positive at Granada Hills Charter High School. But she sees that her message can reach beyond graduation.

"When you find the best in others, then they go on and they succeed in every aspect, area of their life," said Saleh.

She's doing more to bring people together now and in the future, and that makes her our /*Cool Kid*/.

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