Auto show goes green with clean-tech cars

LOS ANGELES General Motors has been basking in good news lately, with their post-bail out recovery making headlines. They are continuing that streak at the auto show as their Chevrolet Volt was named the Green Car of the Year.

Adding to other awards it recently picked up, the environmentally friendly image of the Volt is helping GM ensure that it's future is solid.

The future of green transportation is everywhere at this show, with more electric cars than ever before from Ford, Volvo, Saab, Honda, Smart and Toyota. They're showing off the electric Rav4 VE, a name that might sound familiar to some.

"We had one in the late 90s, early 2000s. People who have them really love them, are really loyal to them. We're hoping that they'll love this one as well," said Amy Taylor, a Toyota spokesperson.

There are also many electric vehicles from less familiar companies - Fisco, Koda and Wego. Beyond electric vehicles there are also hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars and a clean high-tech diesel from Mercedes-Benz.

"We've got the hydrogen, we've got plug and electric coming, we've got the diesel, we've got hybrid" said Mercedes spokesman Geoff Day. "There's multiple answers out there."

Many of these cars are still a ways off from being available to consumers, but production of hybrids is coming on like gangbusters. New offerings include models from Infiniti, Hyundai, Volkswagon, Kia and Porsche.

"It's part of our broadening campaign of higher performance to stay relevant and meet the increasingly changing requirements," said David Pryor with Porsche. "We have to embrace alternative drive-line technologies and we have done that."

The cars are shining under the lights in many shades, but increasingly this year more of them are also wearing a tinge of green.

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