CHP officer investigated after secret video

BARSTOW, Calif. A secretly recorded video shows an officer yelling at a driver stopped for speeding in a manner many regard as inappropriate. An investigation into the incident is now underway.

The You Tube video starts out as a routine traffic stop - the CHP officer walks up to the driver's window and asks for a license and registration.

The officer asks the driver where he is from and the driver answers, "Germany." The officer then gets upset when the driver says he was unsure of the speed limit. The officer uses an expletive to tell the driver what would happen in jail and then leaves without writing a ticket.

The video has gotten tens of thousands of hits on the internet. It appears the camera was in the front seat and the officer didn't see it.

Defense attorney Luis Carrillo, who has been involved in a number of cases involving law enforcement, said the officer acted unprofessionally.

"You could interpret that as an insult and a threat," he said.

The CHP Friday had no comment regarding the incident but said that "all our officers are trained to treat everybody professionally and with respect."

The CHP said this is being handled out of the Barstow office. The officer reportedly works in that area and there will be an investigation.

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