Some Barstow residents can drink tap water

BARSTOW, Calif. An estimated 3,000 customers have had their water restored on the city's west end

Those residents have to flush all their taps for five minutes before using the water. Officials are also asking people to run the hot water until it turns cold.

The water warning was issued Friday after tests found dangerously high levels of perchlorate, which is used in rocket fuel and explosives. Residents were warned not to consume any ice, water, beverages or formula prepared with tap water.

The Golden State Water Co. is continuing to work to restore normal service to everyone.

A line of cars snaked its way through the Cora M. Harper Fitness Center parking lot, one of four water distribution centers in the city.

Residents were told not to boil the water, as that process does not reduce the chemical level. Boiling water can actually increase the concentration of the chemical in the water by reducing the H2O content.

Perchlorate interferes with the human thyroid gland, affecting hormones as well as prenatal growth during pregnancies.

Water bottles were available free to the public at Barstow College, 2700 Barstow Rd., according to Golden State Water Co.

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