3 find redemption in final week of 'Dancing'

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (Get a dance-by-dance recap of all the action in week 10 of 'Dancing With the Stars.')

Will it be Bristol Palin, who is clearly getting viewer votes?

Maybe Kyle Massey, who never ceases to entertain the crowd.

Or perhaps it will be Jennifer Grey, who often No. 1 with the judges.

In a season of unpredictability, who knows?

The three couples left standing did better the second time around during their redemption dances Monday.

Grey and Hough danced to perfection, starting the evening with triple 10s for their do-over Paso Doble from week six.

They returned with a second perfect score for their freestyle routine.

"We did everything we could," said Grey's partner, Derek Hough. "All we wanted to do was to come out here and do everything we possibly could and we did that. I thought she did fantastic tonight and it's up to America now to vote."

Grey said she gets stage fright every time she dances, but she's doing it to show her daughter you can do what makes you happy, even if it scares you.

"I've never performed once without looking at her and remembering why I'm here," Grey said.

Kyle Massey and partner Lacey Schwimmer are second with the judges.

They started their evening with triple nines, redeeming themselves for the TV-theme song inspired Foxtrot back in week five.

They returned with an energetic freestyle that garnered them an almost perfect 29 out of 30.

Massey said he's feeling pretty good.

"Everything you see on TV is just me being myself," Massey said. "I'm not there to act, I'm just there to have fun and be myself because this is a dance competition and it's to show your personality. That's all I want to do, is to just have fun."

Palin and partner Mark Ballas also garnered triple nines for their first number to redeem themselves for their week five Jive to the TV theme song from the Monkees. Remember the dance they started out in gorilla costumes?

Their freestyle dance, however, got the evening's lowest score, a 25, landing them in third place.

"We're so thankful to still be here and we're thankful for the people out there that are connecting with me and going on this journey with me and seeing me improve every week," Palin said.

"Also, she's not the politician," Ballas said. "She's just out here having a good time."

Asked if they thought they deserve the mirror ball trophy, Palin said, "I think everyone deserves the mirror ball trophy because we've all worked so hard. We've all been in the studio for hours on end and we're all working our butts off."

There's more work Tuesday. There will be two more dances for judges' scores only before the winner is announced.

(Get a dance-by-dance recap of all the action in week 10 of 'Dancing With the Stars.')

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