New video shows New Zealand mine explosion

GREYMOUTH, New Zealand The video shows white dust and stones blasting just outside the entrance of the shaft when the explosion happened, sealing the workers deep inside.

/*New Zealand*/'s prime minister has warned the nation to prepare for the worst as there is still no viable way to reach the trapped men.

They were deep in the mine in /*Greymouth*/ when a blast ripped through the cavern Friday.

A bomb-disposal robot that was sent into the Pike River mine to assess conditions and learn the fate of the men short-circuited and failed Tuesday when it hit water. Officials said that replacements were being flown in.

A team is working on a narrow hole in an area where the miners might be. Once completed, the 500-foot-long shaft will sample gas levels and determine if rescuers can finally move in.

The Associated Press Contributed to this report.

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