Man survives 11 gunshots in Valley shooting

VALLEY VILLAGE, LOS ANGELES "People look at it now and they don't believe me that anything has happened to me," said David Agazaryan.

Agazaryan was shot on April 3. He was inside the Hot Spot Mediterranean Cafe in Valley Village after a friend's memorial service. He says everything seemed calm -- until he heard gunshots.

"It sounded like balloons popping or something, because I was facing away talking," said Agazaryan. "Next thing I know I was on the ground."

Four of his friends were killed.

"The news was saying it's gang-related, it's mafia-related, but honestly, me being there, I didn't see anything that was any kind of way gang- or street-related," said Agazaryan.

Police say a personal dispute with the victims inside the restaurant prompted the shooting. Nerses Galstyan was arrested and will face murder charges.

Agazaryan was shot 11 times, his arms were broken and wrists shattered, yet he somehow picked himself up and walked out of the restaurant.

"I thought about just laying there until I get help, or laying there until I just go die," said Agazaryan.

"The guy whose memorial service I was at, I don't know what it was, but I kind of like saw him in my mind, like he came and shook me from my shoulders and he said, 'Get the hell out of here right now,'" said Agazaryan.

Of all 11 gunshot wounds, the most challenging job was putting David's face back together again. One bullet entered through his nose and went straight to his eyeball.

"His eye socket was completely gone," said Dr. Joseph Broujerdi.

Broujerdi reconstructed Agazaryan's face piece by piece. He calls Agazaryan's eight-month progress a miracle.

"I guess it wasn't his time to go," said Broujerdi.

Agazaryan is now committed to a life of charity work.

"I thought, 'Why did my friends die?' I'm still lucky. Big deal, I lost an eye, broke a few bones. It happens, you know? I'm still here, walking, talking," said Agazaryan.

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