3 million SoCal drivers expected this weekend

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. Traffic on Interstate 5 Wednesday afternoon was bearing out that statistic, with the freeway clogged with cars by 5 p.m.

"I've heard it was pretty bad but we got what we expected," said traveler Patrick Connolly.

One thing to be thankful for this holiday weekend - the weather isn't interfering with people's getaways.

There was snow overnight at the higher elevations in Frazier Park and on Mt. Baldy - just enough to provide for some fun for anyone looking for a taste of winter.

Some drivers opted in for holiday traffic over potential delays and drama at airports, as protesters threatened to "opt out" of body scanners and clog security by forcing TSA to administer pat-downs. Most drivers seemed to be in a good mood as they hit the road to spend Thanksgiving with their families out of town.

"We have freedom of choice. I mean the highways are jammed. They're not exactly what I would like to have but we do have freedom of motion and I don't have anybody patting me down and looking at my innards," said Sue Zenger from Burbank.

One problem drivers can't avoid are higher gas prices, but the gas prices aren't expected to slow down too many drivers.

The California Highway Patrol will have every officer checking the freeways, chasing speeders and looking out for drunk drivers this holiday weekend.

Where is everyone going? The top three travel destinations this weekend are Las Vegas, San Diego and San Francisco.

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