Biggest bargains for Black Friday shopping

LOS ANGELES It may be the most hyped shopping day of the year. If you're brave enough to cope with the crowds, and energetic enough to wake up super-early after a Thanksgiving feast, you might just score some great deals.

The ads scream incredible bargains.

Retailers tout huge savings on "Black Friday" on everything from toys to laptops to DVDs.

With the economy still in the recovery mode, and many consumers reluctant to splurge, stores are trying to entice shoppers with sales up to 50, 60, even 70 percent off.

Several websites have leaked Black Friday ads early, so shoppers can begin searching for bargains.

The best deals are typically offered only for limited hours. At Walmart, that's 5 a.m. to 11 a.m.

And the lines usually start hours, sometimes days, before. Many early-bird or "doorbuster" specials are in limited supply and often sell out.

Walmart's Black Friday-only deals include a 19-inch LCD monitor for $98.

At Staples, laptops start at $299.

On Skype, we asked recent Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo graduate Michael Brim, who runs the website "Black Friday Ads," or, for his top picks this holiday season.

One of them is the Barnes and Noble Nook, a popular e-book reader that retails for $149. Best Buy is selling it for $99 on Friday.

"It's very rare to see in-demand items on sale on Black Friday, or at least discounted to the point that it is, which is 33 percent off," said Brim.

Another top pick, a 40-inch LCD TV from Westinghouse that Target is selling for $298, a $250 savings, and one of the lowest prices you'll find on an HD TV that size.

DVDs are another super buy. Walmart is one of several retailers selling Blu-ray discs as low as five bucks, and that includes some recent hits.

If you're shopping at Walmart, many of its stores will be opening at midnight. But the Black Friday-only sales don't start until 5 a.m., so if you get there early, you'll have to wait to get the sales price.

If shopping makes you hungry, there's a great deal at Sam's Club. The warehouse store offers a free breakfast to its members from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Friday while supplies last. is already offering "Black Friday" deals. The items change daily, and the "e-tailer" says it tries to meet or beat rivals' prices on Black Friday-only sales.

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