Levi, Moore: 'Tangled' was a dream come true

LOS ANGELES Neither actor was shy about telling us how much this experience meant to them, saying it was something on their "bucket list" they can now check off.

"Forever, you know, to be able to say that we're a part of this incredible Disney lineage and history. And it's the 50th animated Disney film to top it off as well is no small feat. It's pretty cool," said Moore.

"After doing something like this, it's just like you want to pop a bottle of champagne and just imbibe, and just be like, 'we've done it. It's done.' We've successfully completed a dream come true," said Levi.

Both stars have their own favorite Disney classics.

"The one that I always go to is 'The Little Mermaid' because it was the first Disney film I remember falling in love with," said Moore. "It was actually one of the huge catalysts in my life for making me want to sing."

Levi, who is a die-hard Disney fan and even coined the term 'Dis-nerd,' says he loves all the Disney films but his favorite would be "Aladdin."

"Sometimes if I'm going to pop in a DVD, I have the Disney archive ones and they have all of those shorts piled into one, and you can just put it in and you can just relive your childhood. The Disney Channel was pretty much my babysitter, if I can be so bold - I'm not throwing my parents under the bus - so I watched a lot of that and loved all that stuff .

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