Plenty of chemistry in 'Love and Other Drugs'

LOS ANGELES In the movie Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway play Jamie and Maggie, two people who might not want to make a love connection but it happens anyway.

The film has a certain realness - especially when it comes to the scenes involving sex and intimacy.

Before shooting, the stars and their director, Edward Zwick, spent two weeks together, talking about everything.

"We got to know our characters, got to know each other, got to talk about all the intimacies we as people - what turned us on, what didn't turn us on, what we thought was sexy, down to positions, down to movies, down to images, down to thoughts - and we put it all into the movie," said Gyllenhaal.

"Maggie and Jamie reveal all of themselves - not just physically but also emotionally on a soul level and it was really important that we had the time to explore that," said Hathaway.

Anne and Jake both get naked in the movie. Their characters even make a sex tape. But when it came to the two of them in real life - they said the film is as close as either of them will ever get to such a revealing caper.

"Love and Other Drugs" opened Wednesday. It's a sexy movie with some comedic and dramatic surprises along the way.

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