Thieves steal foster kids' holiday supplies

OXNARD, Calif. The bandits struck the Playtime RV Center in Oxnard twice last week, making off with blankets, stuffed animals, clothes and supplies all meant for foster children.

Lisa Pugh sorts through a pile of clothes that she'll donate to foster children. But her collection of clothes, toys and blankets is not nearly as big as it should be. That's because most of it was stolen.

Pugh is the vice president of a group called Heart to Heart. The non-profit organization distributes care packages for foster children meant to help children make the transition into foster care.

But last week, thieves broke into the Heart to Heart offices in Oxnard and stole the much-needed supplies at a time when donations are down across the board.

Oxnard Police are investigating the two robberies. At least one witness was able to provide a description.

But Pugh says her organization will make due as best it can. She's hoping donors will step in and help.

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