IE cold winds bad for people, good for snow

WRIGHTWOOD, Calif. Residents were doing all they could to stay out of the brisk air. Jennifer Sexton sat in her car as she fueled up for a drive down to San Diego.

"It's freezing and really windy. It's blowing us around quite a bit," she said.

But the wind didn't deter Leo Barrera, who was riding his bike straight into it.

"It's pretty chilly out here. I should have brought a jacket to be completely honest with you," he said.

But cold, dry weather is just what they want up at Mountain High Resort. It's the perfect weather conditions for snow making.

"It was 9 degrees this morning, but that's great for us. We're able to make a ton of snow and get a lot of terrain open," said John McColly at Mountain High.

The perfect snow conditions will no doubt make for many happy skiers this holiday weekend.

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