Christina Aguilera stars in 'Burlesque'

LOS ANGELES In "Burlesque," Christina Aguilera moves from a small dead-end town to Hollywood hoping to become a singer. Her wish comes true on the stage of a burlesque house.

In real life, Christina's dreams are coming true, too. This marks her first starring role in a movie.

"Eventually, I would like to make another film," says Christina. "One thing at a time but, you know, I definitely want to also record another record so I'll be doing it all."

Singer and actress Cher plays the owner of the burlesque house.

While Cher plays Christina's boss and mentor, Cam Gigandet plays her love interest.

I thought I noticed something in this movie that seemed to have special meaning to Christina, a photograph she keeps staring at throughout the film. Was there a personal meaning to the photo?

"There is. It's my mom. It's me and my mom," says Christina. "Yeah, it was really sweet that they let me do that and put it in there, and she has no idea. So when she sees the movie, she's going to -- I think it's going to be a special moment for her."

"Burlesque" is in theaters now.

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