La Canada takes sides on peacock population

LA CANADA, Calif. "We love them, they bring serenity to us. We really enjoy them. They're very peaceful and they interact with us very well," said La Canada resident Ron Horowitz.

Horowitz said he loves waking up to the natural scene of peacocks in his own back yard.

"They're beautiful. They communicate with each other up in the trees," Horowitz described.

However, another La Canada resident Dick Boss said it's not his back yard he's worried about.

"The driveway is a mess. I go out and get the paper and watch where you step Dick because you're going to get into something if you don't," Boss said.

Boss and many of his neighbors share the same feeling about the birds.

"They're just an absolute nuisance," Boss said.

Some residents say besides the mess they leave behind, the birds are noisy and disruptive.

"I can't plant the flowers that I want to have in front of my house because they eat the flowers I want," Boss said.

In an effort to appease both sides of the wild bird debate, the city of La Canada has decided to trap and relocate some of the birds - reducing the peafowl population in the neighborhood to nine. Horowitz thinks this is a fair compromise.

"It reduces the issues for the people who don't like them and allows the people that do like them to enjoy them," Horowitz said.

Boss says he gives the city credit for controlling the peafowl population, but he thinks he has a better idea that will resolve the issue once and for all.

"Why don't we just trap them all and take them over to the arboretum and the people on the streets that say 'Oh, they're beautiful. We've got to have them,' go to the arboretum. Take their kids over there and spend the day and enjoy the peacocks," Boss suggested.

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