Qantas jet flies again after engine blowout

SYDNEY The airline says the plane, carrying 450 passengers including /*Qantas*/ CEO Alan Joyce, left for Singapore without any problems.

Qantas grounded its fleet of A380s after a midair engine explosion in early November. Investigators say leaking oil caught fire in the engine, heated metal parts and caused them to disintegrate.

That incident prompted modifications to the Rolls Royce engine used by three airlines on the superjumbo jets.

However, Qantas is still suspending its longest-haul flights from Australia direct to Los Angeles.

The airline wants to test whether extra thrust for takeoff on these routes creates too much stress on the engines. Saturday's flight used a reduced thrust setting.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which is leading an international investigation into the Nov. 4 blowout, is due to release its initial report by Dec. 3. The bureau's final report could take up to one year.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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