Rev up your workout routine with buddy system

LOS ANGELES "Everybody has those days when they'd rather be laying on the couch. They don't want to get out of bed. If you have a partner or a group of people, that accountability factor really helps you get there," explained trainer Cory Brusseau.

Accountability is what Brusseau says you want and need when trying to stay fit.

"Working out with a buddy can actually enhance your results. It can increase your results and speed them up," said Brusseau.

So make a date and put it in your book just like any appointment. You will find your team workout will produce great results.

"When you can use each other for balance, stability for assisted weight, it can enhance your results," Brusseau said. "You do a whole lot more things that you can't do solo, and it opens up a whole new world of exercises."

For example, try standing back to back holding hands to stretch open the chest while working on balance.

Also try facing each other with feet close, making squats deeper and better without hurting your knees.

Some like to have a little fun with it. Try wheel barrels which work the abdominals, arms, chest and upper back area.

Brusseau loves four-minute fat blasting routines to rev up your body and keep the metabolism humming for hours. This can be done solo, but it's a lot more fun with a few or a group.

"So it's this cool, fun, interactive, social environment that allows us to test our limits because we provide a support structure," Brusseau said. "It becomes this fun, challenging game to push each other and motivate each other to work a little bit harder than we would by ourselves."

So grab your water bottle, towel, and buddy up at your favorite fitness spot.

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