Do laundry helpers really get wrinkles out?

LOS ANGELES Mister Steamy's commercial promises to leave your clothes wrinkle free. So /*Consumer Reports*/ got some extra-wrinkled men's shirts and asked Mister Steamy to work his magic on them.

However, the product did not live up to its guarantee. In the end, the shirts were still quite wrinkled.

"Not exactly something you'd want to wear on a job interview," said Consumer Reports' Celia Kuperszmid Lehrman.

Purex Complete 3-in-1 claims to be a detergent, softener, and anti-static all-in-one sheet. Consumer Reports tested it on all three counts.

"The Purex wasn't so amazing. Our tests found that there are detergents that'll get your clothes cleaner and fabric softeners that'll get your clothes softer. It did do a pretty good job of removing static electricity and cling, but so do most fabric softeners," said Lehrman.

Consumer Reports also tested some laundry appliances that claim they can make life easier.

Dryers with an extra steam cycle cost extra, but supposedly the steam reduces wrinkles, if you have a few shirts you want to refresh. But Consumer Reports' tests showed dryers with steam left the shifts still wrinkled. So, unfortunately it's back to the ironing board.

If you want your clothes to look smooth but just can't be bothered ironing, Consumer Reports says take newly washed items out of the dryer fast. And, if your clothes are dry but still have wrinkles, then toss them back in the dryer with a wet towel.

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