Freezing temperatures hit parts of Southland

PALMDALE, Calif. The mercury dipped to 23 degrees in /*Palmdale*/ on Tuesday morning and residents were bundled up to fight the frigid conditions.

"I got my gloves, I got my beanie, I got my jacket and my scarf and I'm ready. I love this weather. It makes the holiday time even better," said Palmdale resident Stephanie Green.

Mother Nature even froze water from sprinkler systems within minutes. Late morning, temperatures rose somewhat, but it was still cold enough to coat Palmdale's higher hills with a thin layer of snow.

A frost advisory was in effect over much of the Antelope Valley as well as lower deserts, southwestern California and inland valleys.

Temperatures across most of Los Angeles County are expected to linger in the mid to high 60s throughout the day.

Conditions will reach 70 and drop again to low 60s toward the weekend with some drizzle is also expected early next week.

Some residents said they look forward to more cold weather and even snow, as the cold weather makes it feel more like the holidays.

"This is the perfect weather for right now," said Palmdale resident Cindy Rudolph. "I don't mind the cold, and I have a warm fireplace at home, so we're good."

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