Judge declares 'impasse' in Dodgers mediation


The Associated Press reports Frank McCourt's attorney, Marc Seltzer, said a Superior Court judge has declared both parties in the mediation were at an impasse.

According to Seltzer, the impasse means the Jamie McCourt rejected a settlement proposal that Frank had agreed to.

"After considerable deliberation, Frank accepted judge Lichtman's proposal.," said Frank McCourt's attorney, Marc Seltzer, in a statement. "He felt it was the responsible thing to do for his family, the Dodgers organization and the entire community. We can only conclude that Jamie rejected judge Lichtman's settlement proposal and is allowing this matter to drag on further."

Jamie McCourt's side was tight lipped about the situation.

The McCourts were officially divorced last week.

Some experts believe the Dodgers may end up being sold.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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