Report: Temecula commission approves mosque

TEMECULA, Calif. But the process reached a boiling point Wednesday as dozens of proponents and opponents voiced opinions at the public hearing that went past midnight.

"Both the current site and the new center are and would be a place for mothers and fathers, children and grandparents to gather for prayer and fellowship," said one woman in favor of the mosque.

Opponents protested outside of Temecula City Hall.

"Muslims are busting like capillaries under our skin to spread all over the country and take control of things," said Jim Horn, a mosque opponent. "It's got to stop some place. It's got to stop here."

People who wanted to speak were told not to bring up political or religious concerns and to only address parking, traffic and architecture.

There is now a 15-day appeal period. At that point it would go to the City Council.

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