Fire destroys family home in Newhall

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. Marcela Follett and her husband and two children were out of town when their Newhall home burned down. Now they can't believe a lifetime of memories is nothing more than ashes in their home.

"My children lost the only home that they have ever known. This is where they learned to crawl and walk. Furniture and all that can be replaced but the memories we had here - that is what hurts," she said.

Tony Follett said as a roofer he hasn't had much work due to the housing crisis and the economy. Now he not only is out of work but he and his family are out of a home, and it was not even insured.

"The insurance had expired a few years ago and I could not renew it for lack of work. We were just starting to break even and I had just made the final payment on the place, and now it's gone up in smoke," said Follett.

Authorities are investigating the fire as possible arson. The family said they have no idea who would want to do something like that.

"I don't have any idea," said Follett. "I don't have anything with anyone right now. Nothing was taken. That's what makes me think it was just malicious."

Many neighbors in the Newhall trailer park community the family has called home for more than a decade are doing what they can to help the family.

"The family that lived there is a family of four and they lost everything," said neighbor Nancy Anderson. "I just wish it never happened and we neighbors are trying to help them."

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