Cool Kid gives school supplies to kids in need

LOS ANGELES "You need these supplies to be able to do work, to be able to learn. You need calculators in order to do math. If you don't have any writing utensils to write with, you're not going to be able to write anything," said Sobajian.

The work is gathering the donations and packing them together. The reward is seeing the children's faces.

"When I started handing them the backpacks, they were just thrilled with joy and I realized at that moment, that I was really making a difference and that these kids were just so excited to be receiving all these supplies and so grateful for it," said Sobajian.

A junior at Venice High School, Sobajian has been involved in his community since junior high. The people who work with him know there is much more to come.

"I see something in him that, you know as the future goes, he will be one of its leaders. And he is the kind of guy that the more he gives to others, the more he feels excited himself," said Bill Rosendahl, councilmember for the 11th District.

Sobajian shares that view and sees a life of community service ahead of him.

"Through my work with the Los Angeles Youth Council, I hope to be active in city government or politics on some level," he said.

Sobajian gives young students the supplies they need to get started in school. He has plans to help more people in the future, and that makes Daniel Sobajian our Cool Kid.

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