Latino groups say TV networks' diversity poor

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Vergara's story is one of success, but some Hispanic watchdog groups say it is an exception rather than the rule.

The /*National Latino Media Council*/ on Tuesday released its annual report card on Latino diversity on TV.

CBS received a B-plus, ABC got a B-minus, NBC also got a B-minus and Fox received a C-plus.

"The networks pretty well failed Latinos in their progress of diversity practices," said Alex Nogales of the /*National Hispanic Media Coalition*/. "They did very well with African Americans, they did very well with Asian-Pacific Americans, but they failed us."

The coalition says every network has some pluses and some minuses.

While many shows feature Latino actors, the coalition said they also want to see more Latino writers, the people who tell the stories and issues that are portrayed on TV shows.

"Too many in the national community get their information, form their views, arrive at their prejudices with respect to policy issues based on what they see in entertainment television," said Thomas Saenz of the /*Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund*/.

Members of the Latino coalition said they don't want to wait to see changes in the entertainment industry. They want this to happen now, and they are ready to confront the networks.

"If we have to call people out on a level of, 'You're a racist,' or 'This organization is racist,' we are prepared to do precisely that," Nogales said.

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