Pete Sampras' trophies stolen from LA storage


"I got a call three weeks ago that my public storage facility where I've kept all my memorabilia -- articles, pictures trophies -- got broken into," he said. "All gone."

The tennis champ said the loss is upsetting because he would have liked to have shown the trophies to his children, saying the loss "is like having the history of my tennis life taken away."

"Whoever has it or knows someone that has it, please return it, it is important to me and my family," he said. "I worked 15 years for my memorabilia, for my trophies, articles, pictures, anything you name I've done in tennis, you have and I hope you will come to your senses and return it. It's important to me and my kids. There's absolutely no value in it for you."

Sampras said he is hoping the public can help catch the culprit.

Anyone with information is asked to call Pure Sports Management at (424) 241-3151.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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