Berry takes on multiple personalities in film

LOS ANGELES One of her personalities is a racist white woman.

Berry spent about 10 years hoping to get this movie made. And once it got made, it sat for a while waiting for a distributor to take it on.

"It feels better now that it's happening versus sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. We don't have a big studio. It's just this little movie that we all cared about, so it feels like it's meant to happen because it is happening and so that part feels good," said Berry.

"There's no big budget, not a whole bunch of cars, nothing, greatest hotels or anything like that," said co-star Chandra Wilson. "It was all about the project, not about anything else, just about the project."

Berry says one reason she wanted to make this movie was to open a dialogue on mental illness and the stigma sometimes attached to it.

"It is something that we do need to think more deeply about it. Even the people I see on the street that are homeless, they all have mental illness," said Berry. "They're not just derelicts on the streets or drug addicts. Many of them are really suffering from real mental illnesses and it's a shame. I wish there were a place for them all to go and not, you know, to be on the street suffering like they do."

The Oscar-winning actress says she's been passionate about this story from the minute she heard about it. Now she hopes others will hear about it, too.

"/*Frankie and Alice*/" hits theaters in limited release in Los Angeles on Dec. 10, then expands nationwide in February 2011.

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