Home-preservation workshop held in Ontario

ONTARIO, Calif. Julie Townsend of Foothill Ranch has tried for nearly two years to get a loan modification with no success.

"It's like Chinese water torture down at the centers," said Townsend. "When you call in, they'll ask you a bunch of repetitive questions over and over again to try to break you down till you hang up, and every time you call you get someone else and no one ever helps you."

Lilly Delius of Laguna Beach also needs a loan modification.

"They don't seem to have my paper work; it gets lost, then they send me to another department. It's just been pretty much a roller-coaster," said Delius.

Getting the runaround from their lenders is the number-one complaint homeowners have when trying to get a loan modification. Wells Fargo has recognized the problem and is holding a home preservation workshop at the Ontario Convention Center Wednesday and Thursday so their customers can meet with a loan official one on one.

"We have nearly 300 team members from across the country," said Wells Fargo Vice President Joe Ohayan. "Typically they do it over the phone but when they come here it's an opportunity to be face to face."

More than 1,000 Wells Fargo costumers signed up for this event, figuring this may be their last chance to save their home.

"I'm really scared of being homeless," said Townsend.

Each costumer who comes to the workshop is assigned one loan expert who takes them completely through the process.

Ronald Brittan from Montebello couldn't pass this opportunity up, and it sure worked for him.

"Wow. I got some really good golden nuggets from Edgar who was our loan specialist and I just want to say that could make the difference from having no result to a result and that was worth our whole trip," said Brittan.

If you're planning to come down to the workshop, it's at the Ontario Convention Center and will be held Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and that's the end of it. The event is free. Also, if you are going to come down, make sure that you bring pay stubs, W-2 forms, credit card and savings statements to make sure that you have all the paperwork ready to do this.

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