Indian ambassador angered by TSA pat-down

JACKSON, Miss. The ambassador was in Mississippi over the weekend to speak at an economics conference. When she left she was given a thorough pat-down at the Jackson airport because she was dressed in a traditional sari garment that drapes over the body. She was not happy about being subjected to the enhanced security measure.

The lieutenant governor of Mississippi was angry about it too, saying, "It certainly is troubling to me that they would not have the good sense to realize this is the ambassador with diplomatic papers and a room full of people, including the governor's staff, verifying who she is."

But some passengers didn't see any problems with it.

"She has got to do the same. I think everyone is subject to screening by the TSA whether you are a diplomat or not," said passenger Gary Connerly.

The TSA says diplomats are not exempt from the screening procedures but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said her department is looking into the matter to see how such incidents can be avoided.

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