Suspect Tasers deputy in face, steals her gun

OJAI, Calif. Detectives say sheriff's deputy and Iraq war veteran Tracey Salmon shot the suspect, 32-year-old John Atkinson, after he allegedly attacked her when she responded to a 911 call at his ranch.

The suspect allegedly grabbed the deputy's Taser during a struggle and Tasered her in the face. Detectives say because the 911 call was disconnected before the dispatcher could determine what the emergency might have been, the deputy had no idea what she was walking into.

"Those are the kinds of calls where it could be a simple as a misdial or a child playing with a phone, or it could be the big one, and in this case she apparently arrived to a very serious situation," said Detective Eric Buschow.

Despite being dazed and injured, detectives say deputy salmon managed to continue struggling with the suspect and gained enough of an upper hand to wound him.

"She stayed in the fight and fired her hand gun and did wound the suspect. The struggle continued and at some point she was able to retreat from the house and get herself into a safer situation," said Buschow.

Police say an army of officers from the sheriff's department and other police agencies, including fish and game, got to the scene quickly.

The suspect quickly surrendered to police custody.

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