Olivia Wilde's world expands with 'TRON' role

LOS ANGELES Her character, Quorra, is a computer program, yet she's much like a surrogate daughter to Jeff Bridges' character.

"I tried to make Quorra a very unique and sort of odd character," Wilde said. "She's a warrior and she's sexy, but she's quite odd, naïve, intelligent and sort of nerdy, so it was getting in touch with my inner child in a way.

"I wanted her to be referencing Joan of Arc, who was my main inspiration for Quorra. I wanted something slightly androgynous. I wanted something futuristic, asymmetrical, non-organic. All of these are qualities of the 'TRON' world."

Wilde's world is expanding with more acting opportunities and she can feel it.

Last month, she co-starred with Russell Crowe in "The Next Three Days."

"I feel an acceleration, a change of fear," Wilde said. "I'm not sure what sparked it, but it feels right. It feels that I'm ready for this point in my career. I've earned these roles that I worked so hard for."

Wilde appears to be in a place where they look at her work and beauty.

"There are a lot of pretty girls in this town," she said. "It's not enough to be good looking. That fades so quickly. I think that talent prevails. The system works and if you work hard, you'll get somewhere."

So it appears hard work is what got Wilde "TRON: Legacy," which opens Dec. 17.

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