'TRON' was a bizarre experience for Bridges


State-of-the-art CGI special effects allowed Bridges to go back in time some three decades to play a computerized character in the film.

"It's part of this new technology, you know, performance capture where, well, it's just the most bizarre thing I've ever experienced," said Bridges. "You're literally sucked into a computer. You're scanned and now you drive this younger version of yourself. It's quite amazing."

Bridge's older self has been living in this digital world for 20 years and his now-grown son discovers a way in, hoping to get them both out as they embark on a life-and-death journey in a dangerous cyber universe. Garrett Hedlund plays his son.

Bridges said he knew it was a good fit from the start.

"I think when I first met him, he reminded me of a younger version of myself, you know, like he could be my son. We have a similar look about us and I certainly enjoyed him, enjoyed his company a lot," said the Oscar-winning actor.

Bridges and his co-stars also enjoyed working with director Joe Kosinski on this big budget project, even though he's never made a movie before. "TRON: Legacy" marks his feature film directorial debut.

"With Joe, he was bringing his being an architect to the film, so it's got wonderful design qualities to the movie. And he was very much into all the cutting edge technology that's available to filmmakers. He was up to speed with that," said Bridges.

Olivia Wilde and Michael Sheen also star in the PG-rated film. "TRON: Legacy" hits theaters on Friday, Dec. 17.

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