WikiLeaks founder fears US ready to indict

LONDON /*Julian Assange*/ said there appears to be a secret grand jury investigation against him and his organization.

He was released on bail Thursday on condition he stays on a 600-acre estate in Eastern England, wears an electronic tag and reports to police daily. Assange was in jail since Dec. 7 after he surrendered to police over a Swedish sex-crimes warrant.

Meanwhile, new cables on relations between India and Pakistan were released Friday, as well as information on lax security at Indian labs and Pakistan's handling of the Mumbai terror attacks.

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos spoke to Assange about allegations that WikiLeaks illegally solicited classified documents.

"Of course it didn't encourage it in the way that's being suggested," said Assange. "There's nothing specific that we do that encourages any sort of specific documents to be submitted to us."

U.S. officials are investigating /*WikiLeaks*/ and considering charges. The government suspects WikiLeaks received the documents from an Army private, Bradley Manning, who is in the brig on charges of leaking other classified documents to the organization.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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