Complaint: Hooters shouldn't allow kids inside

ANAHEIM, Calif. Families went in for a meal at lunchtime at /*Hooters*/ in Anaheim Friday.

"We bring my son here all the time actually and we've never had any issues," said Anaheim resident Tracy Doyle.

But the /*National Organization for Women*/ (NOW) has an issue with Hooters serving children. The NOW California chapter filed complaints against the restaurants with police and prosecutors.

"What concerns us is children are being served in the sexual entertainment business," said NOW representative Monalisa Wallace.

Hooters is known for its scantily clad waitresses.

NOW alleges Hooters restaurants in Orange County, San Francisco, San Bruno and Sacramento are classified as adult entertainment businesses and are breaking the law by allowing minors in, even selling child-sized T-shirts.

"This says 'Hooters girl in the making,' so encouraging a young child to be a sexual entertainer is prurient and against the law in California," said Wallace.

"I have two daughters, and it's not the environment that I want them to think is OK," said San Bruno resident Mo O'Connell.

"I think it's kind of ridiculous," said Anaheim resident Sandy Doyle. "Kids go to the beach, see less than what is here."

"It's not like they're showing anything that's not supposed to be seen. And they have really good food, I must tell you," said customer Dean Botelho.

Hooters released a statement: "Hooters Girls are sexy and vivacious. The element of sex appeal is certainly prevalent in our restaurants, and is the essence of the Hooters experience, but the Hooters brand of sex appeal is wholesome and that of the All-American cheerleader, not a seedy strip club."

The company calls the charges ridiculous. Hooters says the publicity generated by this has actually helped sales in the past 24 hours.

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