Review: 'TRON: Legacy' is visually stunning

LOS ANGELES The sequel, "/*TRON: Legacy*/," should prove victorious, and is already off to a strong start. The film earned $3.5 million from its midnight runs Thursday. So what can you expect from this decades-in-the-making sequel?

Let's be honest, a lot of the people who see "TRON: Legacy" won't have a clue there was an original back in 1982. /*Jeff Bridges*/ was in the first film and he's back for the new adventure. But the real star of "TRON: Legacy" is the film's special effects.

If you buy a ticket to "TRON: Legacy," I suggest you hit the concession stand because this is what you call a "popcorn movie." It's in 3D and when you see the 3D effects, they feel right.

The film does take a little long to get to all the 3D wonderment while you're stuck wearing the glasses, but once you enter the world of TRON, it's visually fascinating.

Here's the film in a nutshell. For two decades, Bridges' character has been living in the cyber universe he created when his now-grown son gets some mysterious news from his dad's old colleague, played once again by Bruce Boxleitner.

The son finds a way in and then it's a matter of whether they can find a way out of what's become a dangerous world.

Bridges plays a computer-generated character who does not age and he's his older self as well. In both cases, he's interesting to watch. So is /*Garrett Hedlund*/, who plays his son.

And /*Olivia Wilde*/ also has fun as a computer program created with sex appeal clearly in mind.

I'll admit I did get a little confused along the way, but not completely lost. My biggest complaint is sometimes the music is just too loud and it overpowers the dialogue, forcing you to miss words. That, I don't like.

But, overall, I enjoyed the movie because it's one big "wow" factor visually, and emotionally the family storyline actually works.

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