Bikes on display at the Int'l Motorcycle Show

LONG BEACH, Calif. "If you've got motorcycling in your blood and you don't want to get wet out there, this is the perfect place to come. But I'll tell you, Los Angeles area, we've got a lot of real hardy riders, they're going to ride no matter what," said show spokesman Robert Pandya

From the largest to the smallest, from retro chic to high-tech modern, if it's on two wheels, or sometimes more than two, it's here at this annual show.

The recession hit the motorcycle industry like many others the past few years, so bikemakers have regrouped with more-affordable offerings like Honda's new CBR250R.

"This is an incredibly important motorcycle for us, an entry-level product. Retail price on this is $3,999. We also offer a version with ABS for only $4,499," said Jon Seidel, a spokesman for American Honda Motor Co.

California is by far the biggest motorcycle market in the country, mainly due to the usually good weather.

You might know someone who is a motorcycle fan, and this could be the perfect place for gift shopping, with shiny accessories, stylish helmet designs and some cool moto clothing.

Some things are just right for winter weather, like heated apparel to keep you toasty on two wheels and MH20 motor jeans that repel water.

Fun in the saddle is the underlying theme here, but rising gas prices always point out a practical side to motorcycles.

"The new CBR250R holds 3.4 gallons of fuel. You'll be able to go over 200 miles on that, and a lot of fun doing it," said Seidel.

The /*International Motorcycle Show*/ is at the /*Long Beach Convention Center*/ through Sunday, Dec. 19.

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