Hedlund discusses pros, cons of 'TRON' suit


It looks cool on screen, but it was hot behind the scenes.

"Your body starts to heat up in something that really doesn't breathe so well," Hedlund said. "You start to get a little sweat working up … you start to rip some cords. Anything that ripped cord hits that's wet -- to say the least, I got electrocuted a few times."

Despite all the action, Hedlund said he had to remember his suit was pretty fragile.

"To put the suit on was two to two and a half hours some mornings because you had to be very delicate with them," he said. "The lights were paper thin and if they were bent wrong, you have to replace them."

In the end, he had nothing but praise about the suit.

"The suit is very tight," he said. "It was incredible to showcase something that was the first of a kind.

"We were cyber-scanned in order for these suits to be built and they were built to every shape and curve of our body, so they fit like a glove. They were to be a part of us."

Hedlund and his dad in the movie, Jeff Bridges, are each starring in other movies opening Wednesday.

Hedlund is in "Country Strong" and Bridges stars in "True Grit."

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