Jeff Bridges having 'overwhelming' film run

LOS ANGELES The Oscar winner just opened in the number one movie in America, "TRON: Legacy," and now he's giving that film competition with his new one, "True Grit."

"It is a little overwhelming, but you just have to surf the big wave, man," Bridges said.

Bridges is ending the year in a Coen brothers-version of "True Grit."

When his friends from "The Big Lebowski" first approached him about playing Rooster Cogburn, Bridges wondered why they wanted to re-make a John Wayne classic.

"They said, 'No, we're not referring to that movie at all. We're referring to the book by Charles Portis,' which I had never read," Bridges said. "Once I read it, I saw what they were talking about because the book reads like a Coen Brothers script.

"It's full of twists and turns, crazy characters, lots of humor, a lot of tragedy, drama, the whole kit and caboodle."

"True Grit" is rated PG-13. It'll be in theatres Wednesday.

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