'Cool Kid' raises funds for cancer research

ROSEMEAD, Calif. Crystal Buenrostro has been raising money for cancer research for years. She was inspired to activism by a tragedy in her life.

"I was very close to my dad," said Crystal. "So when he passed away, it hurt me a lot. I always wanted to help people so that they won't go through that."

After melanoma claimed her father's life, Crystal founded the Cancer Club at San Gabriel Mission High School. The purpose is fundraising and awareness.

"We would do cancer walks at City of Hope, Susan Komen walks," said Crystal. "We also helped USC Norris do a breast cancer reception."

Her life in college is geared toward a career in cancer research. She is encouraged by the phrase "Make cancer a disease of the past."

"That has definitely become one of my goals," said Crystal. "That's my dream one day to make it possible to make a cure, so people won't suffer the way they do."

Crystal manages to balance a busy school schedule with her desire to help many people. Her drive is fueled by one main thought.

"Just knowing that I'm doing a good deed for another person, definitely helping him out," said Crystal. "Because I honestly believe together we can help researchers find a cure."

Dealing with grief by living a life of giving makes Crystal Buenrostro our Cool Kid.

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